6 Best Smart Home Light Switches for 2020

Who gives a second thought about their light switch? Almost no one because they’re boring like that. But if you use a smart switch, you can control the lighting of your entire home with a flick. A Lutron Caseta Switch can make that happen.

The best smart home light switches will let you turn on your lights at preset times, control them through your smartphone, or with voice commands. You can even connect them to other smart home devices.

That way, the lights can come on if your security system detects an intruder or the smoke detector is triggered. If you get one with the feature, you can dim your lights to suit the mood.

As you read on, we’ll present you with a list of recommended smart light switches. These options will help you choose which is best for your needs. We’ll also round things up with stuff to look out for when making a choice and some other useful information.

Whether you’re just starting with a smart home or you’re looking for more ways to raise your home’s IQ, there’s something valuable for you here.

The Best Smart Home Light Switches to Go For

1. Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch – Best Overall

2. Gosund Smart Light Switch – Best Value

3. Ecobee Switch+ – Best High-tech

4. GE Smart Light Switch – Best Toggle Switch

5. Wemo Dimmer – Best Dimmer

6. TP-Link HS200 Smart Light Switch – Best Budget

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch – Best Overall

  • Works with existing wiring
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • Rating: 4.8
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This smart light switch can handle all the lighting in your home. It is easy to install in a few steps and you can do it yourself. It works smoothly with popular smart home protocols and does not rely on your Wi-Fi.

So, whether you’re just starting with smart homes or you want to include the switch, it’s easy to integrate. Even if your home is not a modern design, this switch will still work with the existing wiring. These are some of the reasons, the Lutron Caseta won this spot.

It doesn’t end there, this smart switch can also support 3-way wiring where more than one switch controls a single fixture. A pico wireless remote can serve as the other switch for controlling the lights. If you connect the switch to Wi-Fi, you can also control it via your smartphone. If you use Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, you can control your lights using voice commands as well.

However, you have to link the switch to the Lutron Smart Bridge to optimize its capabilities. It’s an understatement to say users like this smart switch as 88% of them gave it a full 5-star rating.

Gosund Smart Light Switch – Best Value

  • Pack of 4 switches
  • Group control
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Allows for automation
  • Rating: 4.8
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Homes that don’t have neutral wiring won’t be able to use this. However, it’s easy and straightforward to install with its screwless snap-on wall plate. This smart switch doesn’t even need a hub to work, just Wi-Fi. It is UL94-VO, FCC, ETL certified against surges, spikes, and lightning. So, your safety is guaranteed.

If you use Alexa or Google Home ecosystem, you can integrate these switches and control them with voice commands. You can also remotely control the lights switches via the app on your phone. Apple HomeKit users and those who use the SmartThings hub cannot use this switch as it isn’t compatible.

These shortcomings don’t make the Gosund switch any less valuable. Its functionality, ease of installation, and the 4 switches you’d get at its price is why we gave it the crown. Moreover, Amazon and over 700 users agree with us. A whopping 91% of them scored it 4 stars and above.

Ecobee Switch+ – Best High-tech

  • Built-in Alexa
  • Easy installation
  • Motion detection
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Rating: 4.3
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We called this smart switch high-tech because it goes beyond controlling your lights. You can control other smart devices in your home via this switch. It’s built-in Alexa saves you some money from buying the smart speaker. Just speak your command to the Ecobee switch and watch Alexa respond. So, the next time you’re feeling too lazy to get up, just tell Alexa to turn off the lights.

With little handy skills, you can easily install this switch yourself by following the step by step instructions on the app. You can install it on Android devices and iOS. When you’re not home, you can still control the lights from your phone.

It has a motion sensor that can turn on the lights if it senses movement. This can be useful by helping you see in the dark and also as a security measure to deter an intruder. There’s a temperature sensor built into it too that can trigger a connected thermostat to adjust appropriately.

You can use the Ecobee smart switch to make outdoor lights turn on at sunset. You could also set the vacation mode so the lights in your home come on making it look like you’re home to deter intruders.

GE Smart Light Switch – Best Toggle Switch

  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink, and Z-Wave
  • Full home coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Smaller housing
  • Rating: 4.6
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The QuickFit design of this smart switch saves space as it is smaller than earlier models. It also eliminates heat tabs and the SimpleWire technology saves time and avoids wire congestion. All of which makes it even easier to install.

You can use this toggle switch for more than just lights. It can also help save on power bills as you can create a schedule and have it turn something on only when it is needed.

You can control it with your voice if you connect it to a smart speaker or automate it with the rest of your smart devices.

Wemo Dimmer – Best Dimmer

  • No hub required
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Set schedule
  • Easy to install
  • Rating: 4.3
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It relies on Wi-Fi so you don’t necessarily need a hub for it to work. You can create automated schedules if you have multiple switches,  so you can control them all as a group. You could also use it as a deterrent by setting it to turn lights on at certain times to mimic when you’re home. This is great for when you go on a trip.

You can control it in different ways. Whether you’re an Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant fan, you can connect this to any of them and control the smart switch with your voice. That’s not all, if you’re not home, you can still control the switches via your smartphone on the app. Due to its reliance on Wi-Fi, this might not be a solid option if there are lots of signal dead spots in your home.

TP-Link HS200 Smart Light Switch – Best Budget

  • Voice control compatible
  • Guided installation
  • Versatile control
  • Rating: 4.6
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Even though this is the budget option, it’s the most sought after on the list. Not just for its price but its functionality. This smart switch does what it says, no questions asked. If it had cost more than its price, it’ll still be worth it.

You can control it from the app on your phone which is quite easy to use even if you haven’t done so before. Set schedules and scenes for cool automation and enjoy the practicality of it. You can also control it via voice control. This one has support for even Microsoft’s Cortana.

How to Install Smart Light Switches

Unless your home is brand new and specifically designed to be smart, you’ll have to replace the existing light switch with the smart one you choose. Don’t fret, to do this doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist. However, you need some basic knowledge of electrical wiring and how to use a screwdriver.

All the options we offered are easy to install. If you follow their instruction manual, it’s something you can do by yourself. However, we’ll give you a general step by step instruction to help you get things ready. Kindly note that the following instruction is for a single gang light switch.

Step 1: Understand the existing wiring setup

To know this, you’d have to loosen the existing switch. Before you do that, turn off power at the fuse box for safety reasons. Unscrew the screws and pull off the light switch to expose the wires.

This is where you need to pay attention. Recent homes will have a grounds wire, in and out wires, and a neutral wire. But if the house was built before the 1980s, there won’t be neutral wires. This is why you have to understand the wiring before purchasing a smart light switch.

Don’t worry, whichever type of wiring you have, you’d find a smart light switch that’ll work. For example, the TP-Link Smart Switch needs a neutral wire while the Lutron Caseta does not need one.

Step 2: Take out the old light switch

Loosen the screws holding the wires in place to disconnect them from the switch. Take note of each wire as you pull them out so you can know which is which. You can use colored electrical tape to keep track of them.

Step 3: Connect the smart light switch

After choosing the smart light switch that matches your wiring and meets your needs, it’s time to connect them. Insert each wire into the appropriate slot. The “in” wire into the “in” slot, etc. Secure the wires in place by tightening them with the screws. Make sure there’s no wire sticking out or left unconnected.

Turn on the fuse box to test your connection. If there’s power to the light switch then you can move on, if not, then you should check your connection.

Step 4: Finish the installation

Neatly fold the wires back into the wall so you can fit the switch back on the wall. Be sure not to force the wires, just gently pack them back in. Screw the smart light switch into place and turn the fuse box back on. Once everything checks out, fix the wall plate and proceed to set up the smart switch on the app.

That’s it for the installation. Don’t forget that the method might be slightly different from brand to brand. So, read the manual before you begin. You can also learn how to set up a smart home the easy way.

Buying Guide

Controlling the lighting in your home the smart way can be fun but all that can quickly turn into frustration if you don’t choose the right smart light switch. So, it’s a good idea to take your time to select the best smart light switches for your needs.

There are certain things you want to consider before deciding on which smart light switches to go for. Check out some of them below.


Of course, this should be the first thing to look out for as that’s what serves the purpose. You want to confirm if it is compatible with complex connections such as 3-way or 4-way. This is where you also confirm if it’ll work with your existing wiring.

Furthermore, what are the smart switches capable of? Can they dim lights or just turn them on and off. Does it allow room for automation and how complex can it go?


Smart devices have apps you can use on your smartphones and tablets. This is where you configure them and create those smooth automation we love them for. However, some apps easier to use than others.

You want to be sure how intuitive the app can be and how much technicalities are involved. Also, consider how much you can do with the app in terms of control and scheduling.

Smart home compatibility

Since you’re setting up a smart home, your smart switches have to work with the existing smart devices you have. If your home is smart with the Google Assistant ecosystem, you want to be sure the smart switches of your choice is compatible.

More so, if your home is controlled by a hub that runs on Z-Wave, make sure the smart switch you end up with supports that protocol.


This is an important feature for those that are concerned about aesthetics. You might want to watch out for devices with an attractive design. Those that come in different colors are a good idea too. That way, your smart light switches can match your décor. After all, there’s no rule that smart shouldn’t be sleek.


Smart light switches will further increase the IQ of your home and let you automate your lights to your preferences. You’ve learned what to look out for when making a choice as well as how to install one when you eventually decide. If you see one you like on your list, just click on the image to get it and enjoy the value it brings.

If you find value in this post, kindly share it and let others benefit. If you want more information about smart homes, do explore the site. On that note, thank you for your time and see you next time.